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Equipment Rentals


The equipment we rent is what we use for Trials and Mediations. 

Document Camera

Elmo Document Cameras are the easiest way for displaying documents, photos or items during your presentation. The Elmo's versatility and ease of use makes it a relible choice.


Monitors allow for the Judges, witnesses or attorneys to follow along with presentation when their seating does not give them a good view of the Projection Screen caused by distance or proximity to the Jury.

Projector Screens

Projector Screens are either  80”, 100” diagonal and light-weight. The pop-up design is ideal for quickly setting up and taking down for either Judicial hearings, Trial, Mediation or Business Presentations.

Audio Speakers

Audio Speakers improve the sound from recording played during your presentations.


Laptops allow for quick access and display of  PowerPoint presentations, digitized documents, photos or videos during your presentation.


Projectors with high lumen intensity allow for use without the need to dim or turn off lights during your presentations.


DVD Players

DVD Players allow for playing of DVD discs of witness depositions, training videos, or site inspections with very little effort.



Tables in 3', 4', or 6' sizes assure you of having a good setup regardless of the situation. The 3' and 4' tables also have different height settings.

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