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Video Services

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth ...... 

Nothing has as much impact as the moving picture. Preserving the record of Depositions, Site Inspections, and Recorded Statements in High Definition is a great benefit to both you and your clients. 

Our network of nationwide videographers are dedicated to recording video to the highest standards of the legal profession and we always record with a  backup so you will never have to be concerned with lost or missing video. 

Let us to take care of your video needs wherever your case takes you.

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Video Recorded Depositions


A video recording of a deposition offers several advantages.


  • First, a video recording shows clearly the facial expressions and posture of the witnesses, which can clarify otherwise ambiguous statements.

  • Second, the best way to impeach a witness is with video recorded testimony.

  • Third, a video recording may have a greater effect on a jury if portions of the deposition are introduced at trial as evidence.

  • Finally, a video recording can serve as a more effective substitute for a party who cannot testify at trial, like an expert witness from another state or a witness who is too ill to be brought to the courtroom. Video from recorded depositions are often times admitted in lieu of live testimony in order to speed up the proceedings.

HD Picture-in-Picture


High Definition Picture in Picture (HD PIP) video is done with video broadcasting equipment that allows for documents being displayed to the witness from an Elmo, iPad or laptop to be recorded simultaneously along the witness.


The video quality is impressive and the ability for the video to capture the exhibits that are being shown to the witness allows for there to be a greater degree of impact of the video when used in either mediation or at trial.

Site Inspections


When presented in court, a well produced and thoroughly documented Site Inspection Video is powerful evidence that can favorably impact the outcome of a case by bringing remote locations and events directly into the courtroom.


Some of the more common uses for Video Site Inspections are to:

»  document defects and safety hazards       

»  present test results and findings        

»  create a permanent record of site conditions        

»  display accident scenes, adverse conditions and specific events        

»  corroborate the testimony and findings of an expert witness

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Video Only Depositions
or Recorded Statements 


As Texas Notaries all of our videographers can administer the oath to witnesses and video record depositions or oral statements taken without a Certified Court Reporter present. This service is a good option when you are trying to keep expenses down or are trying to preserve a record of an interview of a witness while your case is in a pre-litigation stage. As part of this service you will receive multiple video formats for reviewing, editing or for sending for production of a certified transcript.


Should you need a transcript, let us produce the transcript for you.

We have a partner in Texas  that can get you a transcript produced at a low cost per page and the turnaround equal to or better than most court reporting firms.


Texas Rules for Civil Procedure # 199.1 section (c) allows for doing so without concern that the video recorded proceedings will not be admissible should it be necessary to create a transcript or use in trial.

Remote Viewing


Whether it is remote viewing and monitoring of focus groups or seting up a video confrencing connection for an expert to testify at an out of state trial, we have the experience to setup a video configuration that completes the task.

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Surveillance Video Conversion


As video from surveillance systems becomes a more prevalent source of video evidence the need to convert proprietary video formats into more universal format is so important. We have the experience to convert your surveillance video into many user friendly formats.

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