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Non- Stenographic / Video Only Depositions
or Recorded Statements


As Texas Notaries all of our videographers can administer the oath to witnesses and video record depositions or oral statements taken without a Certified Court Reporter present. This service is a good option when you are trying to keep expenses down or are trying to preserve a record of an interview of a witness while your case is in a pre-litigation stage.


If your case has been filed and you are in the discovery stage. Non-stenographic depositions can really help you control expenses.


As part of this service you will receive multiple video formats for reviewing, editing or for sending for production of a certified transcript.


Should you need a transcript, let us produce the transcript for you.

We have a partner in Texas  that can get you a transcript produced at a low cost per page and the turnaround equal to or better than most court reporting firms.


Texas Rules for Civil Procedure # 199.1 section (c) allows for doing so without concern that the video recorded proceedings will not be admissible should it be necessary to create a transcript or use in trial.

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