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High Defenition Picture in Picture ( HD PIP)

video is done with video broadcasting equipment that allows for documents being displayed to the witness from an Elmo, iPad or laptop to be recorded simultaneously along the witness.
The video quality is impressive and the ability for the video to capture the exhibits that are being shown to the witness allows for there to be a greater degree of impact of the video when used in either mediation or at trial.
Along with all this great HD PIP technology we have added a telestrator. ( John Madden markup )
This allows for the witness to mark up a document and for all his annotations to be captured to both the document and the video. The document can be printed out and made an exhibit to their deposition.
We are very pleased to be one of the first and possibly the only ones, providing this service in the entire state of Texas at this time. Utilization of the telestrator and HD PIP in depositions is something that has been catching on in the North East but, because of the high equipment cost, very few across the nation have chosen to offer. We believe now is a good time to start offering this service in our area.
Jurors have a realistic expectation that technology will be used in the court room.  We live in a CNN type world where the information gathering is done in short bites. If you cannot get the jurors attention and keep it, they will disengage and might miss all the important points that you are trying to make. This type of technology helps keep them engaged and delivers the message.
We know that not all cases merit the use of this technology, but should the need arise we have the equipment and expertise for the job.

This sample shows an Elmo document camera being utilized to display the exhibits to the witness.

Trial Software HD PIP


HD Picture in Picture Video Deposition utilizing Visionary Trial Presentation Software for document display.

Computer Feed HD PIP


HD Picture in Picture Video Deposition capturing the video feed from the Doctor's computer while he explains his findings. 

Telestrator HD PIP
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